Supporting the Path Towards Independence

Hunger & Homelessness Support

Salvation Army Grace Place

– Based in the St. Croix River Valley, Grace Place Emergency Shelter assists over 350 individuals each year as they face some of the most challenging times of their life. The shelter remains open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to welcome new residents and assess their situations, helping to provide the best service and care possible. Upon arrival, individuals are matched with a case manager who works alongside them to develop and accomplish goals, such as finding employment, attending mental or physical health appointments, ensuring resources are applied for, and helping them find safe long-term housing. Grace Place case managers approach the path to healing and independence in a way that makes sense for each unique resident and their family.

With the community’s support, Grace Place added a new position to their team last year, a Housing Navigator responsible for finding and securing safe, reliable housing for residents leaving Grace Place. With the addition of this position, Grace Place has established new partnerships with landlords across the St. Croix River Valley who are dedicated to assisting residents as they transition into a life of independence.

Your Giving in Action!

Katie’s Story

After losing her home and custody of her child, Katie became homeless and increasingly hopeless. Without a sense of stability in her life or financial support to get help, Katie’s debilitating medical conditions worsened. She felt stuck without an end in sight and knew it was time to get help.

Katie came to Grace Place, where she received a safe, comfortable place to sleep each night and a case manager dedicated to helping her get back on her feet. She came to the shelter with two goals: finding permanent housing and regaining custody of her daughter. Because Katie had been homeless for an extended period of time and faced additional adversities, her case manager was able to put her on the state’s list for specialized housing. Grace Place helped Katie get into an apartment of her own, completely paid for through the Permanent Support Housing program, which has an open-ended timeline, so Katie can stay there as long as it takes. With a place to call home and support from her case manager, Katie regained custody of her daughter. “The day I got the call, I didn’t believe it was true. Getting into an apartment was the last piece I needed to get my daughter back. I’m so grateful for Grace Place and all of their help,” reflects Katie.