Alternatives, Inc.

– Alternatives, Inc. supported over 2,500 women and children last year as they fled abusive relationships at home. The Central Indiana organization is driven to eradicate domestic and sexual violence through education, prevention, and intervention. Trained staff work with survivors to draft safety plans, arrange temporary housing, and provide the support and resources needed to successfully escape cyclical abuse. Alternatives, Inc. offers programming for children, both preschool-aged and school-aged, that focuses on establishing high self-esteem, increasing school performance, and educating on healthy relationship skills. The organization also offers professional training, community education sessions, employment training, dating violence prevention, and workshops catered to both survivors and supporters.

Your Giving in Action!


Briana is celebrating!

It has been one year since she broke free from the cycle of violence. She started to notice red flags when her abuser began blaming her for the abuse and accusing her of being the violent one. She would often face physical “punishment” when she tried to stand up for herself. The abuse got worse every time. She says, “He got to know my weaknesses and my strengths to use them against me in every way he could.” Under her abuser’s control, she was not allowed to work or reach out to her family. “He had me right where he wanted me – isolated, hopeless.”

She knew it was time to break free when her children started showing concerns for her safety. Once they were able to make their escape, they were determined to leave forever. Briana reflects, “All we left with that day were the clothes on our backs and borrowed time.”

Briana was connected with Alternatives Incorporated’s Outreach Program. Their advocate helped her assess the danger of her situation, plan for her safety, and file a protective order. They helped with supportive services, and assisted Briana in navigating the justice system and other community resources. Briana now holds a management position. She and her children are doing very well and are about to move into a new home that will have a confidential address. Briana wants others to know that she “made the impossible possible” and “there is help and there is hope.”