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Military Personnel & Veteran Support

Patriot K9s of Wisconsin

 – Each day an average of 20 U.S. military veterans take their own lives. Military veterans and their families often deal with the challenge of post-traumatic stress disorder when loved ones return from deployments. Sadly, our Wisconsin veterans are not immune. Patriot K9s of Wisconsin is trying to change these statistics.

Since 2017, Patriot K9s has trained qualified military veterans and shelter dogs, at no cost to veterans, to create certified service dog teams, specifically addressing the effects of PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury & Military Sexual Trauma.

Your Giving in Action!

Patriot K9s works with veterans and shelter dogs to change lives every day. One of the many veteran spouses wrote explaining her experience this way:

“You have brought my husband back to me and a father back to my kids. Every day I see more and more changes that I didn’t know were possible. I was hoping time would heal his suffering.… Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

U.S. Army Veteran Jorge: “It was kinda hard to talk to people for a long time. Because I was just so angry with everybody. After 11 years of therapy and anger management groups, honestly, this is like a miracle. I can do the things they talked about in therapy but never thought I could. He (his service canine) can tell when I’m starting to get anxious or having a flashback. He automatically comes closer to me and puts his paws on me.”

“Anyone who has a chance to do this – do it! The truth is you’re not broken. You have a lot to offer.” Patriot K9s is devoted to helping disabled veterans and shelter dogs get a second chance at life. Patriot K9s has created more than 35 service dog teams. Upon graduation from the program, the veteran and canine become a highly trained certified service dog team.

Patriot K9s would not be able to fulfill its mission to train society’s cast-away shelter dogs and our honorable disabled military veterans without assistance from organizations like ours.