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Little Lakes Memories

– Little Lakes Memories seeks to provide outdoor opportunities for people with disabilities. Individuals and their families gather for a weekend-long respite at Little Lakes Lodge, where they are met with caring, experienced hosts who provide an accessible nature experience, allowing caretakers to join in on the fun and temporarily step away from their roles. The organization facilitates year-round hunting and nonhunting adventures that provide visitors with rewarding emotions and instill a feeling of accomplishment. Visitors leave the retreat feeling empowered, realizing they can do things they once thought were impossible with their disabilities. In 2019, the organization hosted nine families and gave them an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Your Giving in Action!

Maddy’s Story

Life changed for Maddy and her family when she was diagnosed with leukemia last June. The family adapted to a new care routine and came to value family time in ways they had never imagined. A few months after the diagnosis, Maddy and her family had the opportunity to visit Little Lakes Lodge, where Maddy was excited to try whitetail hunting. In preparation for her visit, Little Lakes Memories prepped the deer stand and the area surrounding it to meet Maddy’s needs and keep her a comfortable temperature, so she could fully enjoy the experience. On the day of the hunt, Maddy went to the stand with the Little Lakes hosts and her family by her side. By the end of the day, she came out of the woods victorious – she had shot her first buck and shared that special moment with her loved ones. Back at the lodge, everyone enjoyed steaks in honor of Maddy’s tremendous accomplishment.