Opening Doors and Opportunities for At-Risk Youth

Mentoring & Skills Building

Compass for Kids

– Compass for Kids empowers low-income, at-risk elementary students through innovative schoolyear and summer programming that supports their academic and social-emotional skills. Programs are led by experienced teachers who adapt to each student’s unique needs, ensuring they find success within the program. The need for Compass for Kids is great in the Springfield community, as many at-risk children face adversities, such as summer learning loss and food scarcity outside of school and programming.

To reduce the achievement and opportunity gaps between low-income children and their higherincome peers, Compass for Kids offers Camp Compass, where students receive a half day of educational instruction followed by an afternoon of safe play and field trips in an effort to provide the students with memorable summer experiences while advancing their academic skills. Today’s Camp Compass students will grow up to graduate high school, move onto a career or college, and become valuable contributors in their neighborhoods.

Your Giving in Action!

As schools closed their doors and implemented virtual instruction this spring, Lacie’s mother grew concerned about Lacie falling behind in math with limited access to one-on-one tutoring and homework help. After speaking with her teachers, Lacie’s mother signed her up for virtual Camp Compass, where she would be able to work alongside experienced teachers via Zoom, who keep her on track for her grade-level. Camp Compass provided the family an iPad and a hotspot, so Lacie can work on her programs during the day while her mom is at work. Not having internet at home, Lacie was taken to her grandparents’ each day to get her schoolwork done; however, with the help of Compass, she now completes assignments at home. After she’s done with her academic programs, Lacie uses her Compass iPad to watch weekly activity videos on Compass’ YouTube channel. The first week of summer, Compass dropped off tie-dye materials at her house, so she could make her own shirt! With the support of Compass, Lacie’s mom doesn’t worry as much about Lacie keeping up with school or staying safe during the day while she’s at work.