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Hunger & Homelessness Support

Salvation Army Florida Division

– Dedicated to doing the most good by educating youth, serving families on their journey to self-sufficiency, and providing community members with emergency and disaster relief. As these needs continued to grow through the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization has adopted new response methods to ensure these vulnerable communities continue to receive the resources and support they need to meet their needs. In 2019, the Florida Division served over 5,100 meals as part of their emergency food assistance and an additional 4,800 meals to children on Mondays and Tuesdays after school, while they received homework assistance and tutoring.

Your Giving in Action!

Joe’s Story

Joe, a single father of two young children, was living in a small motel room after being evicted from his apartment several months earlier after his wife of nine years passed away. He is a hardworking and loving father; however, he seemed to have lost hope and direction. Joe was welcomed into the Salvation Army’s Pathway of Hope initiative, where they focused on his strengths. Together, Joe worked with mentors on budgeting, life skills, and how to build hope. Joe began to make real progress and worked with the Salvation Army to find a permanent home for him and his family. After a few months of searching, Joe and his children moved into a safe home that met all of their needs. Joe is incredibly thankful for the Salvation Army and the work they’ve done to help him find direction in a time of confusion and loss. Through this experience, he has gotten closer with his children and his faith. The future looks bright for Joe.