PO Box 100
Marathon, WI 54448

Community &
Charitable Donation

The Sonnentag American Foundation’s philanthropic interests are strategically focused on supporting programs and projects that empower and inspire people. Preference is given to regional construction and landscape projects that serve the broader community, mentoring programs for children, support services for women who experience domestic violence and sexual assault, outreach programs and vocational skills training for veterans, as well as social and recreational camps for children and adults with disabilities and respite for their caregivers.

Required supporting materials and documentation:

For your donation request to be considered, you are asked to return the following:

  • A completed Community & Charitable Donation Request Form
  • A cover letter and supporting information explaining the request in detail. All topics
    • background information on the requesting organization
    • background information on the project/activity/service
    • timeframe for completion
    • current fundraising efforts and status
    • specify who and how many people are or will be benefitting from this project
    • specify how the community is or will be impacted by this project
  • For product or merchandise requests, please also include:
    • detailed construction plans or drawings with dimensions and photos if applicable
    • specify products, style, color, and quantity
    • copies of product quotations you obtained from a County Materials Corporation or County Prestress, LLC representative
  • Submit all required information to the Sonnentag American Foundation, by mail: PO Box 100, Marathon WI 54448, fax documents to 877-258-5367, or email requests@sonnentagamericanfoundation.org.

Each Community & Charitable Donations Request submitted is reviewed and responded to. Please allow up to 4-6 weeks for response time, depending on the nature of the request, for a response. To ensure your request is evaluated in a timely and equitable manner, please make sure to include all required information with your submission.

For questions, contact a representative of the Sonnentag American Foundation at 715-848-1365 or email requests@sonnentagamericanfoundation.org

Thank you for your donation inquiry to the Sonnentag American Foundation.