The Shaw Family Playground

– Shaw Family Playground was the first, and currently only, fully accessible ADA playground in Sheboygan County. The playground was founded by Angie and Ryan Shaw, parents of conjoined twins Mateo and McHale. The twin, who underwent a miracle separation surgery, are the inspiration behind the design and construction of the fully accessible park. The mission of Shaw Family Playground is to remove every barrier possible to allow each and every child the opportunity to experience unorganized, imaginative play alongside their peers on a safe and accessible playground. For many children with disabilities, the park is their first experience with inclusive play and unrestrained fun. Upon the opening of the park, Angie Shaw said, “We are excited to bring this to our community and look forward spending many days as a family at the playground, something we have never done before!”

Your Giving in Action!

In 2018, Shaw Family Playground opened its gates to children and families of all abilities in Sheboygan County. At the time of the grand opening, the playground’s shelter and restroom building was under construction, pending financial support. The community began to notice the impact of the park and rallied together to raise the remaining funds to open the shelter and restroom facility. Over the past two years, Shaw Family Playground has created new memories and experiences for thousands of people living with disabilities in Sheboygan County.