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Hunger & Homelessness Support

Lake Cares

– Lake Cares, a community food pantry based in Lake County, Florida, served over 51,750 individuals in 2019. The organization is committed to providing food security to individuals and families in need as they navigate their current hardships. Lake Cares staff and volunteers empower the people they serve by treating them with dignity and compassion while providing a sense of stability. Many things have changed in light of COVID-19; however, the need for food pantries has not. In an effort to adapt to current circumstances, Lake Cares organized a mobile food drop with Lake Sumter State College to help those facing additional hardships. Over 1,300 students and families were provided with nonperishable food alongside fresh fruit, vegetables, and eggs.

Your Giving in Action!

Angela’s Story

When a local church volunteered to serve breakfast during morning distribution, one volunteer in particular, a woman named Angela, was eager to help out and give back to Lake Cares and those who rely on its services. Angela shared that five years earlier, she was facing one of the most challenging periods of her life. At that time, she relied heavily on the food and support Lake Cares provided her; it was that help that got her back on her feet. She now works at a local bank and no longer needs the help of the food pantry. Lake Cares changed Angela’s life, and now she is in a position to spread the good to others.