The Women’s Community Inc.

– The Women’s Community provides specialized services and resources for people affected by sexual assault and domestic violence in Central Wisconsin. Last year, The Women’s Community empowered over 1,600 survivors who faced the effects of cyclical violence and oppression through quality programming, caring staff advocacy, and educational resources. Financial barriers should not affect a person’s ability to receive the help they need. At the Women’s Community, survivors have access to free confidential shelter, food, and clothing, counseling, services for abused youth and teens, support groups, and domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy.

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Dani’s Story

Dani was a happy, adventurous teen. She loved going on camping trips with her adoring family, participating in school sports, and earning good grades. When she turned 13 and began dating, Dani’s life began to change. Her mother began to notice signs that Dani was in an unhealthy relationship. She began lying and leaving behind some of her best friends. Because Dani wasn’t considered an “at-risk” teen and did not have a presence in “the system”, she could not get the help she needed. Eventually, Dani passed away from an accidental overdose.

Since Dani’s untimely death, her family advocates for change, doing everything in their power to prevent an incident like this from occurring again. They want a way to educate youth, parents, and community members on teen dating violence and ways to develop healthy coping strategies. With the help of The Women’s Community, the Dani’s Journey Fund was created to educate teens and their parents on the warning signs of teen dating violence and related mental health challenges.

Dani’s Father on Dani’s Journey Fund – “They don’t teach this in schools. They teach all these other things, but not how to recognize healthy relationships. This is something The Women’s Community has been striving to change through prevention education seminars in high schools.”