Educated Children are Empowered Children

Sexual Abuse & Domestic Assault Services

The Amy Schulz Child Advocacy Center

– Founded in 1990, The Amy Schulz Child Advocacy Center or “The Amy Center” and their partners serve as front-line responders to reports of physical and sexual abuse against children. The organization’s primary goal is to provide a safe place for survivors to share their story in their own words with experts who will listen to them, protect them, and help them heal. The Amy Center’s professional, trained staff work together to provide intervention, prevention, education, and advocacy services in the best interest of children who have experienced abuse.


The Amy Schulz Advocacy Center was founded in 1990 by Dennis Schulz in memory of his daughter Amy after her abduction, sexual assault, and murder in 1987. After Amy’s death, Dennis learned that nearly half a million children are reported sexually assaulted each year. His goal was to help ease the pain of child abuse survivors and to prevent other children from experiencing sexual and physical abuse.

Your Giving in Action!

In 2019, the Sonnentag Foundation helped The Amy Schulz Child Advocacy Center:

  • Serve 300 clients and their non-offending family members
  • Conduct 228 forensic interviews
  • Educate 7,800 children, 458 teens, and 508 on Body Boundaries
  • Expand and build a new office in Nashville, TN

Body Boundaries
Designed to teach children about patterns of abuse, how to avoid unwelcomed attention, and give practical instruction for those who are being targeting, “Body Boundaries” is a presentation that caters to different age groups and levels of understanding. The goal is to help children identify signs of physical and sexual abuse, who they can talk to if they need help, and how to get to safety. The Amy Schulz Advocacy Center firmly believes educated children are empowered children.