Creating Pathways Out of Poverty

Mentoring & Skills Building

Community Action, Inc.

 – The Fresh Start program at Community Action is built around five components that help prepare their graduates to be well-rounded individuals. These components are Academics, Construction, Employability, Life skills, and Leadership Development. Through these initiatives they want to expose youth to various areas of life so that they will be able to graduate ready to take on an ever-changing world.

Your Giving in Action

DeeDee came to Twin Oaks Shelter for the Homeless after living in her vehicle. While she was living at Twin Oaks, she attended workshops. The Rent Smart series resonated with her since she knew she would need these skills. She secured her own apartment while at the shelter, so she could put her new skills to work.

Pauline and Andy ended up homeless after Pauline had some medical issues that landed her in the hospital. While at Twin Oaks, Pauline grew stronger and healthier. Andy was looking for a job when they moved in and he was able to secure a full-time job. Now that Pauline was feeling better, she was able to secure a job as a CNA.

Maggie is a single mom and was unemployed when she came to Twin Oaks but was applying for many different jobs. Maggie said her biggest struggle getting a job was not knowing where she was going to be staying from night to night. Maggie has a bachelor’s degree, and within the first two weeks at Twin Oaks she went on five different interviews. Maggie was offered two different full-time jobs but took the one closer to home!