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Easterseals Crossroads

 – Easterseals Crossroads helps to make positive outcomes for the many people who use their services. Each year they serve over 7,250 individuals with disabilities or special needs including injured military personnel and veterans. Community support greatly enhances their ability to assist individuals with disabilities, special needs and challenges to realize their goals and achievements.

Your Giving in Action!

Ms. P.C. grew up in Central Indiana and after graduating from high school she enlisted in the Marine Corp. Although she was always interested in joining the Marines, facing limited job opportunities and a strained relationship with her family provided just the right amount of motivation to enlist. Being a female in the Marines was a positive experience. She worked as an electrician and grew to believe she was both smart enough and determined enough to be successful both in the Marines and as a civilian.

However, when Easterseals Veterans Services staff met Ms. P.C., she was living in her car and parking in public locations across a three-county area to sleep. Although she was able to tap into a small network of family and friends that allowed her to shower and do laundry weekly, she wanted and needed to build a better life. Depending on others was just not working. Luckily, one community partner referred Ms. P.C. to Easterseals Crossroads for employment assistance while they began working to find housing for her.

Shortly after the referral and with some assistance and encouragement, Ms. P.C. was in temporary housing and feeling more confident and actively searching for a job. Once engaged with staff she was able to pursue mental health counseling which helped her change her circumstances. As Ms. P.C. began to feel better and take more control of her life, she felt more motivated and willing to talk with potential employers. As a former instructor at a Cosmetology school, she still had contacts in the industry. After some interview practice and references, Ms. P.C. was soon employed. One success lead to another and soon Ms. P.C. hoped to once again become an instructor at the best-known Cosmetology School in the metro area. Ms. P.C. is also working to improve the relationship with her family and friends as she becomes more secure and independent.