A Second Chance for Survivors

Sexual Abuse & Domestic Assault Services


– In 2019, Turningpoint gave 800 survivors a chance at a second life free of abuse. The organization began almost 40 years ago as a crisis line and has since developed into a 21-bed facility with the resources to guide survivors to safety and freedom. In addition to facilitating support groups, Turningpoint provides safety, support, and strength through legal system support, violence prevention education, youth services, survivor services, and family service. While some shelters exclusively support women and children, Turningpoint extends its services to men whom faced sexual assault, violence, or stalking. Often an underserved population, nearly 1 in 10 men will experience sexual or domestic abuse in their lifetime.

In addition to its abuse and assault services, Turningpoint operates Second Chances Thrift Store, to provide the Pierce County and the St. Croix County communities with access to affordable clothing, furniture, and household goods. Clients are offered thrift store vouchers to assist them in starting their second chance at living a life free from abuse and violence. Second Chances Thrift Store is staffed on a volunteer-basis and comprises of 20 percent of Turningpoint’s annual budget.

Your Giving in Action!

With the help of the Sonnentag Foundation, Turningpoint has:

  • Answered 1,126 crisis calls
  • Housed 92 clients in shelters
  • Prepared 17,615 meals for survivors

Hannah’s Story

Hannah came to Turningpoint with the help of local law enforcement after she was brutally beaten by her husband. Feeling overwhelmed and frightened, Turningpoint’s Client Service Coordinator Maggie met with Hannah and walked her through her husband’s criminal charges and all of her options moving forward. At Hannah’s request, Maggie discussed potential restraining order options and how to file for divorce.

With learning disabilities, physical disabilities and lack of a support system, Hannah did not have a means of transportation to get to and from her appointments that will help her transition into this new stage of life. Turningpoint worked with Hannah to arrange safe, reliable transportation to ensure she would have access to the resources she needs to help her move forward.

Since Hannah first came to Turningpoint, her life has changed in many positive ways, and she has undergone tremendous personal growth. Through the program, Hannah received emotional support, safety planning services, legal system support, and information and referral services. Today, Hannah has filed for divorce and is in the process of moving out of her home. She is safe and continues to work with Turningpoint to navigate life after leaving an unhealthy relationship.